July 2, 2016

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

By Natalie Willingham – Bridal Makeup & Hair Specialist

Wedding day emergency kit I hear you cry, what on earth’s one of those and what do I put in it? More frequently I’m meeting brides who have a wedding day emergency kit for on the day not just for themselves but for their bridesmaids and guests too, containing all those extras, just in case they are needed. I’ve heard of all sorts of weird and wonderful items being collected, there is no hard and fast rule, just add what you think you might need.

Wedding day emergency kit

Your wedding day emergency kit items might be stored in a cosmetics bag in the toilets (if you have exclusive use of your venue) or they might be stuffed in a bag under a table in the reception room. Basically anywhere you can get your hands on it at short notice.

Obviously, an emergency kit is not essential but if you do want to make one then here’s a list of items you might need.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Lipstick – for either topping up your colour or changing up at night time. There are some fabulous lip stains on the market now which don’t budge.

Powder or blotting papers – just incase you get a bit shiny from all that partying. Clean and Clear are my favourites.

Blusher and brush – you should have that natural bridal glow but if not here’s a helping hand

Concealer – for any naughty little spots that crop up

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 17.44.47

Sponge with small amount of foundation on – to cover any tears that have run down your cheeks

Perfume – so you smell amazing all day and night. Lots of brides are choosing to have a wedding day perfume and as you’d expect Jo Malone is a hot favourite for many. My chosen scent was Blackberry and Bay.

Sewing kit – for those little emergency buttons that might fly off. You probably have one already that came from your last hotel stay.

Nail file – you can guarantee if you don’t have one you’ll need one

Deodorant – to help deal with the glow from all the dancing.

Cotton buds – in case you need to tidy up any little tear stains on your makeup. Fuji have some super fine cotton buds which are excellent for this sort of thing.

Mascara – just because you love to add more through the night

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Hair brush – to smooth any stray hairs

Hair spray – to make said strays stick in place. Enlace do great handbag size version of their products.

Hair pins – to pin up that little tendril that tumbled out of position. Make sure to put the wavy side against your scalp for extra grip.

Eyelash glue – never normally needed but just in case you rub your eyes and your lash loosens. Duo glue is the go to lash glue for all pro’s.

Tissues – do I need to explain?

Tampax – ditto ^^

Paracetamol – just in case all that smiling and booze gives you a headache

Toothpaste and mini tooth brush – you’re going to be talking to a lot of people so you want to have sweet smelling breath. Or a small breath spray will do the trick.

Blister plasters – wedding shoes aren’t always the comfiest

Flip flops or flat shoes – just in case you can’t stand to wear heels for a minute longer!

Spare tights – in case you get a hole in one of course!

Nail varnish – in case you get a chip or to stop the run in your tights.

Condoms – again self explanatory!

Have fun putting your kit together. You may want to create small kits for your bridesmaids too.

Until next time!

VW Campervan Vintage Wedding Picnic

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March 30, 2016

The House of Ollichon – First Dress-less Bridal Collection

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to the House of Ollichon and the first dress-less bridal collection!

Le-Fay - Dress-less Bridal Collection

Elegance has evolved and there are many things which have inspired Hannah Ollichon in the creation of House of Ollichon’s first dress-less bridal collection which offers brides and bridesmaids a range of luxury jumpsuits, playsuits and combos which are all designed and handmade in England.

Hannah Ollichon, the founder of House of Ollichon lives in Islington with her husband and has only recently left her city job to make her bridal jumpsuit dream come true! She created House of Ollichon about ten months ago now, designing all of the pieces and sourcing all of the beautiful fabrics.

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5 Reasons Wedding Photography Should be Top of Your To-do List

by Sam of Your Perfect Wedding Photographer.

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Wedding Photography

Photo credit: Fiona Kelly Photography

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