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April 2014



Supplier Spotlight – The Great British Wedding

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Today I have the pleasure in featuring The Great British Wedding – a one-stop shop for everything a couple needs for their big day. The website boasts a supplier directory, venue directory, comprehensive wedding fair list, a store and a stationery marketplace.



I asked Alex from the Great British Wedding what advice they would give to a couple planning their wedding. “The thing to remember when planning your big day, is that it is all about you as a couple. It isn’t about doing things that you think ‘should’ be done, or wearing something that makes you uncomfortable because you feel you should – it should be about what matters to you. If you feel strongly about the environment for example, perhaps choose recycled books to make your flowers; or if you really love superheroes how about theming your day around them (although maybe asking your guests to dress up is pushing it a BIT far…). Make your day unique by finding special finishing touches and fitting it around your personalities – not the other way around.

Above all relax – yes it is only one day, but it is YOUR day – you should not feel like you are out to please others, or feel bad about how much you have spent (or didn’t spend). Yes, make sure your guests are comfortable, but remember the main attraction for them is watching two people they love tying the knot… not the firework finale. Although if YOU want fireworks……”

All of the following items are available to purchase from The Great British Wedding.



Dance floor decal by Off the Wall


Superman and his Bride cake toppers by Lotty Lollipop


Storm Trooper wedding – Image by Nigel Neve


Flower Centerpiece by Full Bloom Flowers

GBW Rose Bouquet Top View

Bouquet by June Tree


Wedding Invitation by Only By Knight



Phone: 07921 469760




April 2014



My Top 10 Wedding Dresses With No Lace In Sight!

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Now, don’t get me wrong…..lace wedding dresses are beautiful and I don’t blame anyone for falling in love with them. But when you have worked in the wedding industry for as long as I have and you have seen the same style of dress for such a long period of time, they all start to look alike! I think it’s time to start moving in another direction and see more alternative styles of wedding dresses.

With so many amazing wedding dress  designers out there, it’s been hard for me to decided on just these 10…I could have done a top 100! But these 10 wedding dresses are styles I think should be celebrated! Let me know what you think of them and if you have a favourite.

Ian Stuart Dolcissimo

Dolcissimo by Ian Stuart - Layer upon layer of of soft silk gazar creates a waterfall effect which moves beautifully with every step.

 Enzoani BT14-06


BT14-06 Beautiful by Enzoani – Stunning chiffon with delicate beading giving a dramatic, elegant look.

11228 Ellis

11228 by Ellis Bridal – Pleated tulle gown with embellished duchess satin sash and button back.

Piacenza 66049 Ronald Joyce

Piacenza by Ronald Joyce - Silky taffeta encrusted with beads and crystals.

1910 Mori Lee

1910 by Mori Lee – Beaded embroidery on silk ruffled organza.

LAISSA 53 56 Pronovias

Laissa by Pronovias – A flared gauze dress with gold embroidery at the shoulder and waist, and an elbow-length sleeve open at the side.

Minerva Donna Salado

Minerva by Donna Solado – Thai silk taffeta strapless gown with silk flowers and a chapel length train.

D1440 Essense

D1440 by Essense of Australia - Taffeta mermaid dress with detachable peplum, ruffled chapel length train and diamante beaded belt.

Meera Sophia Tolli

Meera by Sophia Tolli – Slim A-line, sweetheart bodice, dropped waist taffeta dress with crystal beading.


Stephanie by Maggie Sottero – Lovelle taffeta ballgown with V-neckline, spaghetti straps and Swarovski crystal beaded waist band.



March 2014



Spectacular Wedding Firework Displays and Advice From Fantastic Fireworks

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Today I have the pleasure in featuring Fantastic Fireworks on the blog. If you are looking for fireworks for your wedding, check out the amazing heart shaped fireworks. Fantastic Fireworks also offer choreographed displays to your favourite song. I also love their idea of a ‘Bang in a Box’ for those on a budget!


pic 5

I asked Laura Whitley from Fantastic Fireworks what advice she would give to anyone looking to have fireworks at their wedding. “The first thing I would love to say when you’re planning a firework display is a quote from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ‘DON’T PANIC!’. There are a few things you need to think about but once you’ve covered these then the process is relatively simple.”


Is there enough space?

So this is a bit of an obvious one, but did you know that safety distances for some professional fireworks can be over 50m? That means you may need 50m between your guests and the fireworks, and space behind for a fallout area. This is not as scary as it sounds, it’s just the area that the fireworks are fired into and where the debris falls into. Now 50m sounds like a lot, but don’t worry, if you have less space at your venue we can tailor the show to avoid using fireworks that need larger distances. You can still have a great show with smaller distances, we just need to be clever about how it’s designed. If you’re not sure of the space the best thing to do is put us in contact with the venue and we’ll liaise for you. Venues tend to have certain areas that they set aside as regular firing areas and if not we can work with them to find the best site.  Of course if you have lots of space we have free reign over what we can offer you. We love large empty fields which gives us a lot of scope to be creative!

pic 4

Will it be too noisy for my venues restrictions?

There’s no denying that part of the charm of a traditional firework display is the loud bangs, pops and crackles that are produced. However, it’s completely understandable that your venue’s neighbours may get a bit wound up about this if it’s happening every night and keeping them awake. We’ve developed a great ‘quiet range’. Now these are just normal fireworks with the bangs, pops and crackles minimised or removed. After all, many of these effects are added in so it’s easy to remove them! This range is ideal for the noise conscious venue or if you simply do not want to cause a racket! We love firing to music, so setting our ‘quiet range’ to your favourite song may result in your guests not even noticing the lack of noisy explosions!

 pic 8

Do I have the budget?

Fireworks can sometimes be viewed as an extra to a wedding for those with a decent budget. However, fireworks are for everyone and we can offer packages to suit any budget. If you’d like us to design your show, liaise with your venue and turn up on the day and fire it for you, our packages start at £1000, they tend to go up in price with the length of the display and the amount of firing positions you’d like. If you phone us up we’d be happy to discuss this further. We specialise in setting displays to music so if you would like to set the fireworks to your favourite song we can design this for you.

pic 10

We know that not everyone has money spare, but would still like a display, so we’ve introduced our new ‘bang in a box’. This is a two and a half minute fireworks display with lots of different effects neatly contained in one box approximately the size of a small freezer. The best thing about the ‘bang in a box’ is that it has a single point of ignition. Your best man or maid of honour only has to light one fuse, which is much safer than firing many small fireworks. If you would like more information about single ignition fireworks then our retail department will be happy to help out.

pic 9

Aren’t fireworks really messy?

Not particularly, but dependent on the type of firework. We are working towards making as much of our firework packaging eco friendly, and as such the main components of our firework packaging are paper, card and cotton wool. What tends to be ejected from the fireworks are cardboard tubes and cotton wool bungs, plus a little plastic from our waterproofing. We always litter pick and all our teams come well equipped with rakes and brooms and love nothing more than having a good clean up at the end of the night! Of course if your venue is really worried about mess it might be worth putting them in touch with us.

pic 11

 I hope that’s answered some questions and given you some food for thought. The big thing to remember is that if you would like to book a display with us we can take care of everything. All you need to do is tell us the date, venue and how much you’d like to spend. Plus any creative ideas you may have for the display. Want to fire to ‘your song’, we can do that. Want it to be a surprise for your spouse? We can do that too! We also include 100 sparklers with every wedding package so your guests can get in on the action too. Check our website out for more ideas and prices.




Phone: 01582 485555

Address: Rocket Park, Pepper Stock, Luton, LU41LL.

Twitter: @fantasticfirewx




March 2014



Why Are There Gay Wedding Fairs? Shouldn’t A Wedding Fair Be For Everyone?

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I received an email today asking if I would like to exhibit at a gay wedding fair. It’s not the first time I’ve been asked to exhibit at a gay wedding fair, or other wedding fairs for that matter, but it did get me thinking about why people feel the need to organise a gay wedding fair.

Ferret Wedding

To me a wedding is a wedding. Whether you are straight, gay or two ferrets (yes, two ferrets did get married and I can prove it…this is the link) you’re getting married. So what is missing at a bog standard wedding fair that makes someone think there is a market for a gay wedding fair? Everyone needs a venue, if you need dresses, suits or one of each those can be found at a fair, surely someone who makes a wedding cake for a straight wedding can also make one for a gay wedding and a photographer can shoot any couple……am I missing something here?

I have looked at what a gay wedding show offers and I really am at a loss as to why these fairs exist. Haven’t we been campaigning for equality in marriage for years and years…..if you want a marriage to be a marriage whether straight or gay then why would you want a wedding fair that labels you as straight or gay? Are you not a bride or groom no matter who you are marrying? Should all wedding fairs not cater for anyone getting married?

Same-sex marriage

So, wedding fair organisers… are obviously missing something! Instead of people organising a gay wedding fair, why don’t you use your energy wisely and organise a wedding fair that really is for everyone….ensure that all suppliers exhibiting are geared for all couples and that there is plenty of diversity? And suppliers who are exhibiting, please make sure your display is appealing for as many people as possible…..and never presume anything about who’s getting married! 


As far as I’m concerned, a wedding fair should be a wedding fair. All couples should be catered for and there should be no labels. When marriage become legal for all couples, that should be the end of any segregation……my blog might be called Bewildered Bride but I aim my posts to men and women, gay and straight…..basically anyone who is getting married….wedding fairs, please do the same!




March 2014



Introducing Charlotte Mills Bridal Shoes

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Today I have the pleasure in introducing an amazing new bridal shoe designer, Charlotte Mills. Her first collection has just launched and I’m sure you will join me in drooling over her gorgeous designs.


Love hearts are the inspiration for Charlotte’s debut collection which are all handmade in Spain. Her shoes are made to the highest quality using a range of laser cutting, applique and embroidery to create unique styles. I love the fact that each shoe is hand finished with a silver sixpence and the leather sole is embossed with the phrase “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

I asked Charlotte what advice she would give to anyone when choosing shoes for their big day. Her advice is “When choosing your wedding shoes go with your heart – even if you think you can’t see your shoes under your dress, you will still get glimpses of them throughout the day. Get your photographer to include them in shots and let them be a talking point and not fade into the background. You should fall in LOVE with your wedding shoes and want to wear them again and again. Each time you put them on after your big day, the memories will come flooding back. Go for a style which has longevity and can be worn again. Choose a similar heel height to what you normally wear and give them a test run around the house to break them in.”

Pic 1


‘Heart punch out with champagne underlay, overlasted platform sandal finished with Swarovski Hearts’



Pic 2


‘Peep toe with piped edges with a heart back encrusted in Swarovski crystals’



Pic 3


Angela Swarovski

‘Sandal with multi heart detail back strap encrusted in Swarovski crystals’


pic 5


Heart embroidered peep toe sling back with large structured bow



Pic 6

Pic 14


Sandal with multi heart detail back strap

£ 199.00


Pic 9


T-bar peep toe sandal with layered hearts





pic 12


pic 18


Point toe court shoe with appliquéd heart and binding details



pic 12a


pic 16


pic 20



Sandal with straps looping around to create a heart shape each strap is covered in Swarovski Crystals



pic 15


‘Heart chop out sandal encrusted in Swarovski crystals’



pic 17


Peep toe platform with scalloped edge and chop out hearts






Silk and mesh peep toe with heart back



Contact Charlotte on:-

Website –

Tel – 0161 9432584

Email –



March 2014



Would You Enter Into A Prenup? And Why I Would Sign One

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At the moment ‘Prenups’ are not legally binding in the UK. But this may all change as ministers are due to discuss the shake-up of divorce laws after a proposal is issued by the Law Commission later this month. The proposals are likely to suggest that a judge ‘considers’ pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and separation agreements when couples are divorcing. But with the average cost of drawing up a prenup being £750, would many couples be likely to add that into the cost of their wedding? Do you think a prenup undermines a marriage and trust?


Personally I think it’s a sensible thing for you both to do as a couple. It protects both of you for the future and I look at it more of an insurance policy rather than a lack of trust. No one wants to think that their marriage isn’t going to last, but you can’t argue with statistics. You only have about a 5% chance of being burgled, but you still have home insurance to protect you in case it happens and if you add up your premiums over the years I bet it comes to more than £750. Yet about 42% of marriages end in divorce, so why would you not protect yourself with a prenup? Surly £750 is a small price to pay to make sure everything is settled fairly if the worse was to happen.

I think you are a lot more rational at the start of a relationship and are more likely to come to a fair agreement when deciding on a prenup than you are during a divorce. When you are in love, you want your partner to be happy. You are more likely to make balanced judgments when it comes to division of assets and what would happen with access to any children you might have. During a divorce, bitterness can creep in and you don’t want your ex to have anything from the house and children can be used as a weapon to hurt the other person. You can spend a small fortune on solicitors as you fight over the smallest things and the stress can be immense. By having a prenup in place, it could save you a lot of time, money and aggravation in the long run.


So, would you sign a prenup??? You’re going to be married forever, so what do you have to lose???




March 2014



My Top 7 Places To Get Married in Las Vegas

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This is my guide to where I think it would be amazing to get married in Las Vegas. There are so many brilliant venues that cater for all different budgets and styles of wedding, that it would be impossible to mention them all. I have fallen in love with Las Vegas during my visits and it is my mission to visit every single venue it has to offer.



First on my list is the Bellagio. With it’s iconic fountains and stunning Terraazza, this is an elegant and sophisticated venue. They have 2 different wedding chapels, the Terrazza and Courtyard to choose for your wedding ceremony and numerous packages for each venue. If you want five star treatment, the Bellagio is perfect for you.


Chapel in the Clouds

Next on my list is The Chapel in the Clouds at the Stratosphere. Imagine the biggest day of your lives taking place 1149 feet in the air, among the clouds. You can choose from 2 different chapels, the Observation Deck or the private balcony on Level 112. If you want Las Vegas as the backdrop for your wedding photographs, you can’t beat the Chapel in the Clouds.


Chapel of the Flowers

The Chapel of the Flowers is one of the most popular wedding chapels in the whole of Vegas. I personally know more than 10 couples who have been married here and they all rave about it! You can choose from indoor and outdoor weddings and can be picked up in a white limo!


The Venetian

The Venetian is my personal favourite. They have so many options it makes it nearly impossible to choose! You can be married in front of a waterfall, on the rooftop terrace, in one of their beautiful chapels or even on a gondola! No matter where you choose, you are guaranteed to have stunning photographs.



The Wynn is a very close second. I can personally say the food at this hotel is delicious and the staff were amazing. Aside from their chapels, you can also be married in the Zen Spa, the Lake of Dreams or next to a 90 foot waterfall in the lagoon!


Las Vegas Sign

Where is more iconic than being married under the Las Vegas sign??? And thanks to the Las Vegas Wedding Waggon, you can do it! Las Vegas Wedding Wagon is a mobile service, just choose your location, date, time and ceremony on their online booking system and they will meet you there!

Graceland Wedding Chapel

For the full Vegas wedding experience, book the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Join the list of people to be married here and you will be maxing with the likes of Bon Jovi and Billy Ray Cyrus. Have Elvis walk you down the aisle, conduct the ceremony or serenade you, whatever you choose it will be ‘Always on My Mind’!!!!




March 2014



Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

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Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and YES!!! No matter who you are, where you are getting married or what your budget is, you should take out wedding insurance as soon as you start planning your wedding.Wedding Car Breakdown

Wedding insurance isn’t just for the expensive big white wedding. There are many different levels of insurance you can take out to cover different budgets starting from just £18.49. Wedding insurance also covers destination weddings and civil partnerships, please check with individual suppliers for their terms and conditions.

With approximately 250,000 weddings taking place every year in the UK and the average cost of a wedding being in excess of £18,000, there is potential for a lot of money to be lost due to unforeseen circumstances.Red Wine on Wedding Dress

It is very likely that many weddings will have a hiccup producing a small claim like damage to a hire suit, or red wine being spilled down the brides dress. These types of mishaps can be sorted out relatively inexpensively. But there are also much larger catastrophes that can hit such as your wedding venue going into liquidation, the bride or groom ending up in hospital, your wedding car breaking down on the way to the registry office, and anything else that could result in your wedding being postponed or cancelled. Could you afford to pay for a second reception venue if yours cancelled at the last minute? This is where wedding insurance is a necessity.

LiquidationI hear a lot of people say ‘it won’y happen to me’ but unfortunately, it does happen and it is best to be prepared. Sadly this week I heard of a long established wedding venue going into liquidation on Friday which had a wedding booked in on Saturday. The couple did not have wedding insurance, they will not get any money back from the venue and had to pay for a second venue out of their own pockets at the last minute. How many other couples who were booked into this venue in the coming months who also don’t have wedding insurance is unknown, but I can guess there will be a lot. They all could have saved themselves thousands of pounds by taking out an insurance policy for less than £100. I’m sure they all thought this would never happen to them and would now recommend to anyone to get wedding insurance.

There are a few sites which offer wedding insurance comparisons. Have a look at and Make sure you take out a policy which gives cancellation cover to the full value of your wedding and read all of the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you know what you are and are not covered for as this varies between suppliers.

It still amazes me how many people do not take out wedding insurance. After all, what is £100 in a £20,000 budget? For less than  £100 you can insure your wedding against all of these things and have peace of mind that you are covered, no matter what……well….except if you change your mind!



February 2014



Does price always guarantee a quality wedding?

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Pound SignsWhen choosing a wedding product or supplier, do you think that the more you pay the better quality item or service you get? Do you think if you are on a budget you have to compromise on quality to afford everything you want?

I really don’t think that way. There are a lot of different things you should consider when deciding on a supplier. Certain products and services are judged on your own individual taste. For example a cake design you love may be another persons idea of  a cake from hell and a wedding photographer you admire may not shoot in the style another couple likes. If you book a photographer at £3000  just because you think they must be good if they charge that price, that to me is not value for money. But if you book one for £1500 because you love what they do, who is to say they are not as good a photographer? As long as the supplier you are booking is fully insured and have testimonials from past customers you can make your decision based on their work.

It is the same with jewellery and stationery. Someone who makes items at home has a lot less overheads than someone who has a workshop or a boutique. Because their overheads are so low, they can afford to charge less for their product and provide the same quality. Is it fair to say the person working from home’s products are inferior because they charge less? As far as I’m concerned, they could both be using the same suppliers and techniques so price is no indicator of the quality.

When a bride walks down the aisle and everyone ooh’s and ahhh’s over her dress … many people will know if that dress cost £100 or £10,000? How many people will be able to tell which designer it is? As long as the bride feels amazing, who cares! No one can see the label inside your dress, so don’t choose it because of the designer, choose it as it is the best dress for you. One that fits perfectly and makes you feel like everything you ever dreamed of.

Wedding Cake

I’ve seen some amazing weddings which have been organised on a shoestring budget and I’ve also seen some terrible ones where money was no object. I believe you have the ability to make your wedding day whatever you want it to be, no matter what your budget and you don’t need to compromise on quality. There are so many amazing wedding suppliers out there who charge fair rates and don’t expect you to pay for their brand name….just the quality of their product or service.

The point that I’m trying to make is that it’s not all about money. Choose people you like, trust and can work with to supply products and services for your wedding and it will save you from a lot of stress in the long run!