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November 2014



How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring – A Guide by Dubai Rocks

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Choosing your dream diamond ring is an event that you’ll want to cherish and remember. Slipping the ring onto your finger for the first time and showing friends and family is all part of the magic. Your engagement ring is a symbol of your love for each other, so you’ll want it to sparkle for a whole lifetime. But there’s so much to consider when making one of the most important purchases of your life. Dubai Rocks have come up with some useful tips to help you find the perfect engagement ring.


Choose your perfect diamond shape

Diamond Shapes

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional round diamonds to princess, cushion, emerald and oval designs. Think about which shape you instinctively fall in love with, and which best suits your style and personality. Round diamonds are by far the most popular, so there is a wider selection available. A round diamond will appear larger than some other shapes too.


Guarantee the quality of your diamond ring

Sqare Cut

Engagement rings aren’t cheap, so you’ll want some guarantee that the sparkle you fall in love with is here to stay. Before you start shopping for your diamond ring, it’s well worth doing your research on certification. Certification takes place when the rock is examined and is given a set of graded qualities. It’s widely thought that the best standard for certification comes from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). So when shopping for your dream ring, you can ask if the diamonds on sale are certified by the GIA for a guarantee of high quality.


Does size matter when it comes to choosing your diamond ring?

Diamond Carat Guide

One of the best known considerations when choosing a diamond ring is deciding on the carat, or weight of the diamond. Some weight differences are so small that they are barely noticeable, but the size of the carat holds a great deal of sway when it comes to showing your ring off to friends. 1 carat diamond rings are still a status symbol and carry a much higher price tag for the same reason. But big isn’t necessarily always the most beautiful. You need to consider the “cut” of the rock alongside the carat, as it’s the quality of the cut that will make the diamond sparkle. So a smaller carat with a better quality cut can look even more impressive as it stands out so well.

Round Cut

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a magical time. There is a lot to consider and it can be daunting to make a final decision on such an important purchase. Understanding how to recognise the best quality diamonds will help make sure that your ring will sparkle for a lifetime. But let your instinct guide you, too. You’ll know your dream ring when you simply can’t take your eyes off it for a moment. Good luck with your search for the perfect ring, and enjoy every moment.

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November 2014



A Rustic Wood and Lace Themed Real Wedding: Jesse and Marie

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Jesse and Marie were married on 25th January 2014 at South Farm, Royston.


They are a really fun laid back couple who wanted something simple with the themes of wood and lace. The venue was perfect for this with their Rustic looking barn and chickens running around!


Everything was all in the detail with this winter wedding! The bride loves the artist Rob Ryan so everybody bought them tiles for their new house and the guest book consisted of blank tiles for the guests to leave a piece of advice on, which will then go up in their house to be seen forever! They also had an old typewrite with the beginnings of their love story written on the sheet of paper.


The rustic touches were everywhere from the wood and wild flower centrepieces made up of old teapots and lace wrapped jars to the wooden cake stand and the favours were little bags of tea personalised with the couple’s names. The place names were scrabble letters (which the guests had great fun rearranging into naughty words!)


Marie wore a beautiful Naomi Neoh dress to carry on the lace theme and the groom wore tweed.


The wedding planner was Carmela Weddings and Lisa said the one piece of advice she would give anyone planning their wedding is to really think about how your personalities can come through on your wedding day. Guests love seeing little details which make them say ‘that’s so them!’ so focus on that.

MVJP-004 MVJP-009 MVJP-018 MVJP-025 MVJP-026 MVJP-042 MVJP-077 MVJP-114 MVJP-116 MVJP-118 MVJP-119 MVJP-280 MVJP-354 MVJP-403 MVJP-449


Venue: South Farm, Royston

Planner: Carmela Weddings and Events

Photographer: James Davidson

Florist: Crazy Daisy



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November 2014



8 Tips to Help choose your Wedding Venue

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  1. Location, Location, Location. Do you want to get married ‘at home’ (where you grew up), where you live now, a UK destination that means something to you or abroad. You need to think about all the pros and cons of each option and decide which one is best for you.Venue 1
  2. Accessibility. How easy is it for you and your guests to travel to the venue. If you are having a church or regestry office ceremony, how far is it to travel to the reception venue. How will your guests travel? Would you need to provide transport for them? Is there parking and accommodation close by? These are questions you need to be asking.
  3. Style. Do you want a church or a civil ceremony? Do you want a country house, a castle or something more modern and contemporary. Think about the style of the day, your venue will set the tone for the wedding dress, centre pieces and everything else.St. Mary in Castro (St. Mary in the Castle) Dover
  4. Research. Make sure you research all venues in your chosen geographical area properly. Keep an open mind as somewhere you may not have considered could turn out to be the one.  Make a short list of all venues that are in the running and make appointments to visit them.
  5. Check out photographs of other peoples weddings at your shortlisted venues. Have a look at local photographers sites, most will have wedding venues that you are looking at and you can get the feel for how your photography will look as well as what the venue is like when set up for a wedding. You may end up finding your photographer as well as your venue!Castle
  6. Write a list of questions to ask each venue when you visit them. You need to include costs, what’s included if they offer packages, will any other wedding be taking place on the same date, accommodation costs, additional fees, what do they allow/not allow.
  7. Dine at the venue. If you are using them for catering, book to dine in their restaurant. Order the same sort of food that you would like to serve at your wedding. Make sure you go at a busy time to get an idea of what they serve when under pressure.Beach Wedding
  8. Listen to your heart and head. If your heart is saying yes but the purse strings are saying no, remember you need to stick to your budget. If your venue is over your budget, will you happily compromise on your dress or your cake or maybe both and more? You need to assess what your priorities are.Venue 2
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November 2014



Getting Married Abroad – A Guide from The Boutique Wedding Co.

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So for years you’ve been dreaming about a destination wedding that’ll be unique, stylish, romantic and fun. Incorporating all of the things you love most in this world. Your closest family & friends, your favourite location, decorated to perfection with wonderful music, delicious food and drinks and the making of unforgettable memories!

It’s guaranteed that most people you invite will be over the moon and see this as a great opportunity for a once in a lifetime holiday with amazing family & friends! For some others, many questions will come to mind: how much will it cost, how much time off work will they need. If they have children, are the kids invited and does the wedding fall within the school holidays? Then there is researching the flights, hotels and what to wear!  So many things to consider in their already busy, busy lives!

So, how to make this all happen easily, stress free and without upsetting your beloved guests? Just follow this guide from The Boutique Wedding Co. and bring your dream of a perfect destination wedding to life!! Ensuring an amazing, unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Plan Ahead

great weddign sign

There is no question about it, planning ahead when you are getting married abroad is the best advice you can receive. Wedding venues, photographers and accommodation can all get booked up 12-18 months in advance. There’s passport arrangements to make, holiday time from work, booking flights and all of the suppliers are just a few things you’ll need to handle well in advance of your big day. Send your save-the-dates out as soon as you confirm your wedding date, possibly 12-10 months in advance and ensure your invitations go out at least 6 months prior.

Review Your Guest List Early

You must make a head count before deciding on your venue and location. You might think only a few people can make it and then be happily surprised that everyone wants to share your special day with you. The numbers will affect the decisions you make, including which venue you will chose and your wedding planner will not be able to cost up anything for you with out some estimated numbers.

Hire a Wedding Planner

I know what your thinking, of course I would tell you to hire a planner but really I only have your best interests at heart! Planning a wedding on home ground is complicated enough, planning a wedding from abroad is even more so! Do you have between 100-200 hours to spend planning your wedding in your chosen destination? Well if not you certainly need to consider employing a professional who knows the lay of the land, has established relationships with wedding venues and suppliers and can speak the language. A wedding planner will manage all of the elements of your wedding you wish, involving you as much as you choose. They will save you time, money and stress.

Choosing Your Wedding Location

more love signs

Your wedding location will determine not only the style and look (rustic romance, bohemian beachy, boutique sophistication), but also the travel, time and budget required for your wedding abroad. Select a wedding location and a venue that you feel reflects you, overflowing with character, natural beauty and plenty of outside space for your celebration and it should always have a Plan B for potential bad weather. The venue should be representative of the area as well as being about what you love, your style, your interests and passions. Think about the time of year you are getting married and check the average weather for that period. You don’t want to plan a Caribbean Wedding for Hurricane Season and likewise a wedding mid August in Spain could be unbearably hot, especially for your older guests!

Visit Your Destination Prior to Your Wedding Day

If you are planning your wedding yourself take at least one planning trip and ideally two or three to your chosen destination. If you do decide to hire a wedding planner, a Skype or Telephone meeting with them will be your first port of call. Once you have hired them as your Planner they will be able to show you a selection of venues that suit your style, introduce you too florists, photographers, beauticians, caterers etc.… They will supply you with all the information you will need for your wedding and it’s likely you will need less planning trips too, saving you money on extra flights and accommodation!

Take Good Care of Your Guests

Your nearest and dearest friends and family are more than happy to join your abroad for your wedding adventure, but don’t forget in your pre-wedding excitement that a destination wedding guests spend an average of £500 to £1,500 per person. There are a few things you can arrange to help with budgets and show them the huge appreciation you have for them joining you. Ask your wedding planner to research arranging group rates for flights and rooms, list information for getting to and from the nearest airport to your wedding venue. You could also deliver welcome gift bags to your guest’s rooms full of essentials for the holiday. Consider hosting an extra event, such as a welcome Bar B Q by the Pool, a next-day brunch or group trip to see some local interests. Some couples will forego a gift list for a destination wedding, understanding that the presence of the guests is a gift in itself!

The Legalities of getting Married Abroad

wedding chairs2

Every destination has a different set of legalities for getting married abroad and the amount of time required to be in the country before you’re legally able to marry, ensure you are clear on what these are.  We would always recommend getting “officially” married in your country of residence prior to your wedding abroad and hire an Officient at your destination wedding to carryout a blessing ceremony for you. This will save you time, hassle and money. No one need know that your destination wedding is not the ‘Legal’ one; you can still exchange rings and vows with your loved ones around you. It will still feel like the real thing and I am more than sure you will still shed a tear!!

Consider a Wedding out of Season

If travelling abroad, why not consider your wedding a little earlier or later on in the year? The mid season falls directly before and after the High Season and could save you and your guest’s money. Seasonality affects the pricing of venues, flights and accommodation. Although you cannot 100% guarantee the weather will be perfect in the shoulder season, it should still be good in comparison to the UK!

Take Some Time and Space for You

Don’t lose sight of what you have come away to do, this is your wedding week and finding time for the two of you to be alone is really important! A destination wedding may mean your closest family and friends surround you for a week or more. Which is wonderful and fun, but it could also become tiring if you don’t take some time out for you. Ensure you and your new husband plan to enjoy each other’s company alone and take some honeymoon time in privacy.  Where possible ensure your accommodation is separate from the rest of the party, perhaps a room on a separate floor or even a private house or villa. Make this area out of bounds to the rest of the wedding party. Some of our Wedding Villas even have their own private terraces and swimming pools…you cant really get anymore romantic than that!


Plan for the Weather

Yes, we understand that you are getting married abroad but please don’t get caught out! Coordinate with your wedding planner to formulate a bad weather plan, whether that’s moving the ceremony inside or providing every guest with an umbrella, a plan B is essential. In a hot climate it is also essential to consider the effects of the sun and heat. Ensure you provide enough shaded areas for people to relax and enjoy your wedding, provide plenty of water and refreshments to keep your guests well hydrated, ice lolly’s and pink lemonade should stop them over heating! Perhaps provide fans, hats, and parasols or construct shade sails around the venue.

Dress for Your Wedding Abroad

This really applies to both the Bride and groom and their Wedding Parties. You really must consider the potential weather when planning your wedding dress and deciding the wedding attire of your wedding party. In 35C heat, a heavy satin gown will become super hot and uncomfortable. Likewise black tuxedos for the groomsmen or even full dark suits with waistcoats would just be mean! If you’re exchanging vows outside, you may want to reconsider a long train that will easily get grass-stained or four-inch heels that will stick in the ground. The key really is to dress for the weather and the location.

Make a Holiday of it

This is a once in a lifetime experience, so make a holiday of it! With our wedding venues, many couples book for a week or more, inviting along all or most of their guests for this time. Turning a day of celebration into a weeklong holiday will more than likely suit everyone! Many of our clients choose to have two or three days of events. Making sure their wedding experience lasts for longer! And who can blame them! We usually organise for our clients a welcome dinner the night before the wedding, followed by the wedding day celebrations, the day after the wedding we will put on a Bar B Q and pool party or huge paella, perhaps with a DJ too. For those who are staying a little longer we often arrange trips and tours to local interests and sights, really making the most of their Wedding Holiday adventure!

Lucy Bennett- Wedding Planner & Designer 
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November 2014



Queen of the Forest – Whimsical Bohemian Bridal Inspired Styled Shoot

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The Queen of the Forest photo shoot was designed by Charlotte Garratt, Amanda White and San Shawe of Sanshine Photography to create and showcase two whimsical bridal looks as inspiration for brides who want to add a splash of bohemian fairy tale into their special day.

The first look, based around a flowy silk tulle strapless gown, and complimented by a beautiful floral crown, is perfect for a magical light-infused woodland wedding ceremony, with light natural make-up and loose curls to complete this effortlessly beautiful style.

Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (0) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (1) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (2) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (3) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (4) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (5) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (6)

The second, more regal look is based around a unique ivory gown with beautiful beading and a high neckline, and would be an excellent choice for the evening celebrations and autumn weddings with a boho twist. Structured hair and bold lips make a statement with the gorgeous accent of a vintage crown to make any bride feel like a fairytale queen.

Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (7) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (8) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (9) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (10) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (11) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (12) Sanshine Photography - Queen of the Forest photoshoot (14)

Bridal Gowns: Charlotte Garratt

Stylist: Miss Munro 

Make-up & Hair: Amanda White 

Flowers: Josy Posy 

Vintage crown: Misty Albion

Floral necklace: Lovisetto

Photography: Sanshine Photography

Model: Lucy Scarfe 

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